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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
Cortometraggi iscritti all'AIFF 2012
List of shortfilms for AIFF 2012
Liste de courtmetrages pour AIFF 2012
Liste von Shortfilms für AIFF 2012
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"Haikus for karaoke", Roberto Santaguida (CANADA / ITALY, 2012)   Haikus for karaoke   Roberto Santaguida
Roberto Santaguida  
CANADA / ITALY, 2012 - 4'27"  
Haikus fashioned from found karaoke videos

"Hamletmachine", Agustín Calderón (SPAIN, 2012)   Hamletmachine   Agustín Calderón
Agustín Calderón
SPAIN, 2012 - 14'58"
I break open my sealed-off flesh

"Hanaii", Maryam Pirband (IRAN, 2012)   Hanaii   Maryam Pirband
Maryam Pirband
IRAN, 2012 - 18'30"
Haj Hossein works in the only traditional Henna factory

"Hello Bambi", Faiyaz Jafri (USA, 2011)   Hello Bambi   Faiyaz Jafri
Faiyaz Jafri  
USA, 2011 - 6'04"  
Snow White's final dream  

"Història d'Este", Pascual Pérez (SPAIN, 2011)   Història d'Este   Pascual Pérez
Pascual Pérez  
SPAIN, 2011 - 7'18"  
An animated tale about alcoholism  

"Historia muerta", Fran Mateu (SPAIN, 2011)   Historia muerta   Fran Mateu
Fran Mateu  
SPAIN, 2011 - 14'50"
Historia de terror gótico

"Hïstorïsk Dokument", Thomas Pors (DENMARK, 2010)   Hïstorïsk Dokument   Thomas Pors
Thomas Pors
DENMARK, 2010 - 6'56"
A part of a documentary-series from the future

"Hitler's drug", Alessandro Molatore (IRELAND, 2011)   Hitler's drug   Alessandro Molatore
Alessandro Molatore
IRELAND, 2011 - 10'20"
“Hitler’s drug” is a depiction of a young man called Thon

"Hotel Gallimard", Luciano Toriello (ITALY, 2011)   Hotel Gallimard   Luciano Toriello
Luciano Toriello  
ITALY, 2011 - 15'43"
Vincent and his friend and actor Fonzie kidnap Lapo Ridis

"Hourglass", Pedro Collantes (NORWAY, 2011)   Hourglass   Pedro Collantes
Pedro Collantes
NORWAY, 2011 - 16'36"
As we grow up, friendships often fade away. Or do they?

"http://", Bartosz Kruhlik (POLAND, 2010)   http://   Bartosz Kruhlik
Bartosz Kruhlik
POLAND, 2010 - 11'50"
12-year old Michal wants to join his elder brother’s group

"Human beings", Mashaallah Mohammadi (IRAN, 2011)   Human beings   Mashaallah Mohammadi
Mashaallah Mohammadi  
IRAN, 2011 - 3'09"  
A man cut a pace of earth and other man...  

"HUMO", Alejandro López Riesgo (SPAIN, 2011)   HUMO   Alejandro López Riesgo
Alejandro López Riesgo  
SPAIN, 2011 - 16'51"  
Marcelino has long lived in their homeland  

"Hviezda", Andrej Kolencík (SLOVAKIA, 2012)   Hviezda   Andrej Kolencik
Andrej Kolencík
SLOVAKIA, 2012 - 19'43"
A story of Jan Slovak, a 55-year-old welder

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