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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
Cortometraggi iscritti all'AIFF 2012
List of shortfilms for AIFF 2012
Liste de courtmetrages pour AIFF 2012
Liste von Shortfilms für AIFF 2012
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"(I am) unhappy", María Castillejo Carmen (BELGIUM, 2011)   (I am) unhappy   María Castillejo Carmen
María Castillejo Carmen  
BELGIUM, 2011 - 4'43"  
Una nina que intenta dar sentido a su infelicidad  

"I am, you are", Raffaele di Nicola (ITALY, 2011)   I am, you are   Raffaele di Nicola
Raffaele di Nicola
ITALY, 2011 - 2'05"
An experimental music video

"I had to shave", Stefan Aichholzer (SPAIN, 2011)   I had to shave   Stefan Aichholzer
Stefan Aichholzer  
SPAIN, 2011 - 2'51"
A man, while shaving and cutting his hair...

"I have a boat", Nathan Nill (GERMANY, 2011)   I have a boat   Nathan Nill
Nathan Nill
GERMANY, 2011 - 14'03"
Piets's chances of a love life don't look good

"Il était une fois un Artiste", Arjan Brentjes (NETHERLANDS, 2011)   Il était une fois un Artiste   Arjan Brentjes
Arjan Brentjes  
NETHERLANDS, 2011 - 6'32"  
Two existentialist artists climb out of the water  

"Imago wings", Jaime Fidalgo (MEXICO, 2010)   Imago wings   Jaime Fidalgo
Jaime Fidalgo
MEXICO, 2010 - 10'49"
Do you want to learn how to fly?

"In albis", Asbel Esteve Obiol (SPAIN, 2012)   In albis   Asbel Esteve Obiol
Asbel Esteve Obiol
SPAIN, 2012 - 6'47"
Feelings hidden in the depths of our being

"In che percentuale funzioni tu?", Irene Carlevale (ITALY, 2012)   In che percentuale funzioni tu?   Irene Carlevale
Irene Carlevale  
ITALY, 2012 - 4'20"  
Percentage is a matter of fractions  

"Incordia", Pablo Polledri (ARGENTINA, 2010)   Incordia   Pablo Polledri
Pablo Polledri
ARGENTINA, 2010 - 10'16"  
An infernal love  

"In fondo a destra", Valerio Groppa (ITALY, 2011)   In fondo a destra   Valerio Groppa
Valerio Groppa  
ITALY, 2011 - 14'32"  
Una storia divertente ed emozionante, dal sapore dolceamaro

"El ingenio", Rosario Fuentenebro Yubero (SPAIN, 2011)   El ingenio   Rosario Fuentenebro Yubero
Rosario Fuentenebro Yubero
SPAIN, 2011 - 22'30"
Pepe and Anselmo make plans for the future

"Ingredienti", Andrea Andolina / Valentina Burolo (ITALY, 2011)   Ingredienti   Andrea Andolina
Andrea Andolina / Valentina Burolo
ITALY, 2011 - 6'17"
Giulia è solita invitare i suoi amici alla pizzeria di suo padre

"In memoriam", Carmen Bellas (SPAIN, 2011)   In memoriam   Carmen Bellas
Carmen Bellas  
SPAIN, 2011 - 11'42"  
Iván, plunged in a deep apathy  

"inSEGNARE la FELICITÀ", Andrea Olindo Bizzarri (ITALY, 2012)   inSEGNARE la FELICITÀ   Andrea Olindo Bizzarri
Andrea Olindo Bizzarri
ITALY, 2012 - 15'46"
A Journey into the Deaf-World

"Interés variable", Felipe Pardo (SPAIN, 2011)   Interés variable   Felipe Pardo
Felipe Pardo
SPAIN, 2011 - 10'48"
Carlos cannot get credit from any bank

"In the middle", Pedro Riutort (SPAIN, 2012)   In the middle   Pedro Riutort
Pedro Riutort
SPAIN, 2012 - 3'16"
This is the first videoclip by Aitor Maró

"In the shower of my mind", Jaime Fidalgo (SPAIN, 2011)   In the shower of my mind   Jaime Fidalgo
Jaime Fidalgo  
SPAIN, 2011 - 3'00"  
In the shower of my mind  

"Intruso", Ramón Frías (SPAIN, 2010)   Intruso   Ramón Frías
Ramón Frías  
SPAIN, 2010 - 3'30"  
Sara and carlos receive an unexpected visit  

"L'intruso", Filippo Meneghetti (ITALY, 2012)   L'intruso   Filippo Meneghetti
Filippo Meneghetti  
ITALY, 2012 - 19'07"  
A father and a son. A difficult relationship  

"Io sono morta", Francesco Picone (ITALY, 2011)   Io sono morta   Francesco Picone
Francesco Picone  
ITALY, 2011 - 17'22"  
Una coppia di amici in escursione naturalistica

"Iraultza", Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya (SPAIN, 2010)   Iraultza   Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya
Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya  
SPAIN, 2010 - 2'45"  
The toys fight against their owner. It is the revolution  

"Una istoria real", Alberto Fernandez-Argüelles (SPAIN, 2012)   Una istoria real   Alberto Fernandez-Argüelles
Alberto Fernandez-Argüelles  
SPAIN, 2012 - 8'52"  
Two civil guards arrive to a road accident...  

"It's in your eyes", Sean Schoenecker / Sergio García Locatelli (SPAIN, 2010)   It's in your eyes   Sean Schoenecker / Sergio García Locatelli
Sean Schoenecker / Sergio García Locatelli
SPAIN, 2010 - 6'10"
There are things that make us hesitate

"It's your turn", Farnoosh Samadi (IRAN, 2011)   It's your turn   Farnoosh Samadi
Farnoosh Samadi  
IRAN, 2011 - 7'01"  
Life is full of game and this is another one

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