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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
Cortometraggi iscritti all'AIFF 2012
List of shortfilms for AIFF 2012
Liste de courtmetrages pour AIFF 2012
Liste von Shortfilms für AIFF 2012
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"La madre", Patricia Venti García (SPAIN, 2011)   La madre   Patricia Venti García
Patricia Venti García  
SPAIN, 2011 - 7'58"
The story of a man and a woman

"The Mammy", Farid Ismail (COLOMBIA, 2011)   The Mammy   Farid Ismail
Farid Ismail  
COLOMBIA, 2011 - 6'29"  
A young man tries to steal an old lady's handbag  

"Manège Magique", Viola Baier (GERMANY, 2012)   Manège Magique   Viola Baier
Viola Baier
GERMANY, 2012 - 1'23"
In the backstage area of circus “Manège Magique”...

"Man Ray Dance", Massimo Arduini (ITALY, 2011)   Man Ray Dance   Massimo Arduini
Massimo Arduini  
ITALY, 2011 - 14'50"  
Una forma di Rady-made  

"Manual for bored girls", Jesús Plaza (SPAIN, 2011)   Manual for bored girls   Jesús Plaza
Jesús Plaza
SPAIN, 2011 - 4'33"
Two lady friends are home alone

"Maquillaje", Álex Montoya (SPAIN, 2011)   Maquillaje   Álex Montoya
Álex Montoya  
SPAIN, 2011 - 10'32"  
Marisa is dying  

"Mask", Fayaz Bahram (IRAN, 2011)   Mask   Fayaz Bahram
Fayaz Bahram  
IRAN, 2011 - 1'32"  
Every days... are not the same  

"Massimo", Ciro D'Emilio (ITALY, 2012)   Massimo   Ciro D'Emilio
Ciro D'Emilio  
ITALY, 2012 - 12'48"  
Un soldato vive l'esperienza della guerra in Medio Oriente  

"Matar a un niño", César Esteban Alenda / José Esteban Alenda (SPAIN, 2011)   Matar a un niño   César Esteban Alenda / José Esteban Alenda
César Esteban Alenda / José Esteban Alenda  
SPAIN, 2011 - 8'43"
At ten o'clock a happy child is going to die

"Mechanical hope", Daniel Stanchev (Czech Republic, 2011)   Mechanical hope   Daniel Stanchev
Daniel Stanchev  
CZECH REPUBLIC, 2011 - 9'10"  
A young boy uncovers the dark secret of his biology teacher  

"La media pena", Sergio Barrejón (SPAIN, 2011)   La media pena   Sergio Barrejón
Sergio Barrejón  
SPAIN, 2011 - 14'31"  
At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office  

"Memory", Victor Suñer (SPAIN, 2011)   Memory   Victor Suñer
Victor Suñer
SPAIN, 2011 - 7'53"
A man sitting in a coffee makes mental review

"Mil", David Ribero Martínez (SPAIN, 2012)   Mil   David Ribero Martínez
David Ribero Martínez
SPAIN, 2012 - 8'50"
In a city a woman is a thing of the sky

"Milonga", Marco Calvise (ITALY, 2010)   Milonga   Marco Calvise
Marco Calvise
ITALY, 2010 - 13'00"
It is night at the tango club

"Mi muto", Enrico Bracchitta / Francesco Di Bitetto / Andrea Tilaro (ITALY, 2012)   Mi muto   Enrico Bracchitta / Francesco Di Bitetto / Andrea Tilaro
Enrico Bracchitta / Francesco Di Bitetto / Andrea Tilaro
ITALY, 2012

"The mind is not inside the head", Marina Gallego (SPAIN, 2011)   The mind is not inside the head   Marina Gallego
Marina Gallego  
SPAIN, 2011 - 4'40"  
A weird man enters in an inhospitable town  

"La mirada perdida", Damián Dionisio (ARGENTINA, 2012)   La mirada perdida   Damián Dionisio
Damián Dionisio  
ARGENTINA, 2012 - 11'00"  
Argentina, 1976. Claude is forced to live with his family  

"Mirror", Mohammed Hawraz (IRAQ / KURDISTAN, 2012)   Mirror   Mohammed Hawraz
Mohammed Hawraz  
IRAQ / KURDISTAN, 2012 - 14'50"  
Uncertain future  

"Das möblierte Zimmer", Nina Jäckle (GERMANY, 2009)   Das möblierte Zimmer   Nina Jäckle
Nina Jäckle  
GERMANY, 2009 - 14'09"  
A dalliance between two people

"Momentos", Nuno Rocha (PORTUGAL, 2010)   Momentos   Nuno Rocha
Nuno Rocha
PORTUGAL, 2010 - 7'17"
An homeless man lives in front of an empty store

"Monster", Michele Senesi (ITALY, 2011)   Monster   Michele Senesi
Michele Senesi  
ITALY, 2011 - 3'20"  
Uno struggente melodramma sentimentale

"Mr Average", Jesús Plaza (SPAIN, 2011)   Mr Average   Jesús Plaza
Jesús Plaza
SPAIN, 2011 - 3'31"
Why does a man do what he does?

"Muertos y vivientes", Iñaki San Román (SPAIN, 2011)   Muertos y vivientes   Iñaki San Román
Iñaki San Román
SPAIN, 2011 - 18'13"
The dead men get up of their tombs

"Munnizza", Licio Esposito (ITALY, 2012)   Munnizza   Licio Esposito
Licio Esposito  
ITALY, 2012 - 17'15"  
Un omaggio a Peppino Impastato e a sua madre Felicia

"Musica e (è) sogno", Gregory Fusaro (ITALY, 2011)   Musica e (è) sogno   Gregory Fusaro
Gregory Fusaro
ITALY, 2011 - 5'30"
Si tratta di un suono reale o è tutto frutto della fantasia?

"Musu bat", Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya (SPAIN, 2011)   Musu bat   Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya
Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya
SPAIN, 2011 - 1'45"
A different way for dedicate a kiss

"Muy cerca", Iván Caso (SPAIN, 2011)   Muy cerca   Iván Caso
Iván Caso
SPAIN, 2011 - 16'31"
Julia has arranged to meet her partner Jaime on a beach

"My apologies", Andreas Goldfuss (CANADA, 2009)   My apologies   Andreas Goldfuss
Andreas Goldfuss  
CANADA, 2009 - 6"  
A film maker apologizes for his film  

"My blue", Luca Fazzi (ITALY, 2011)   My blue   Silvano Plank
Luca Fazzi  
ITALY, 2011 - 4'49"  
A magical woman which is part in the life of a man  

"My green pencil", Fayaz Bahram (IRAN, 2011)   My green pencil   Fayaz Bahram
Fayaz Bahram  
IRAN, 2011 - 2'08"  
The green is the color of the hope  

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