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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
Cortometraggi iscritti all'AIFF 2012
List of shortfilms for AIFF 2012
Liste de courtmetrages pour AIFF 2012
Liste von Shortfilms für AIFF 2012
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AIFF: le passate edizioni
"WARdisease", Marie Magescas (FRANCE, 2010)   WARdisease   Marie Magescas
Marie Magescas
FRANCE, 2010 - 8'27"
Run cry fall die, be armed. And start again

"The wedding tape", Ariel Shaban (SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO, 2011)   The wedding tape   Ariel Shaban
Ariel Shaban
All Fis wants is to get out of the Kosovo

"Welcome back", Jesús Plaza (SPAIN, 2011)   Welcome back   Jesús Plaza
Jesús Plaza  
SPAIN, 2011 - 5'56"  
A man receives a call from his wife  

"Western movie", Lee Hyung-suk (SOUTH KOREA, 2010)   Western movie   Lee Hyung-suk
Lee Hyung-suk
SOUTH KOREA , 2010 - 8'30"
An experimental Western

"White house", Jared Katsiane (USA, 2011)   White house   Jared Katsiane
Jared Katsiane
USA, 2011 - 4'25"
Two boys try to swim to the white house

"White pages", Antonello Novellino / Giuliana Ronchi (ITALY, 2005)   White pages   Antonello Novellino
Antonello Novellino / Giuliana Ronchi
ITALY, 2005 - 6'01"
Un'anziana signora racconta la fuga dei nazisti

"Working man blues", Hermes Mangialardo (ITALY, 2011)   Working man blues   Hermes Mangialardo
Hermes Mangialardo  
ITALY, 2011 - 5'07"  
Videoclip realized for Mauro Ottolini and his Sousaphonix  

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