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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
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Marco Gozzo (Italy, 2011)
    "Nando", Marco Gozzo (ITALY, 2011)  
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Title [titolo]:   Nando
Director [regia]: Marco Gozzo
Country of production [Paese di produzione]: Italy
Year of completion [anno]: 2011
Original language [lingua originale]: italian
Original format [formato originale]: HDV
Running time [durata]: 16'27"
Photography [fotografia]: Giacomo Belletti
Original soundtrack [musica originale]: MJ Mynarski
Editing [montaggio]: Andrew Kovacic
Cast [interpreti]: Domenico Di Santi
  Diego Migeni
  Fabian Grutt
  Eleonora Cucciarelli

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Nando is a young railway worker amidst Nazi occupied Italy. With dreams of work and love, he is forced into confrontation with the enemy. While sharing a cigarette with a German soldier, they discover each other's similar dreams, but circumstance drives them to a point of no return.
  Marco Gozzo (Siracusa, ITALY, 1982)
Marco Gozzo
Marco Gozzo
"Nando", Marco Gozzo (ITALY, 2011)

Marco Gozzo, author and film director, was born in Siracusa (Italy) in 1982.

His passion and interest for cinema began at 14 years old and after High School he left Sicily for Milan to pursue his career in filmmaking.

Is in the summer of 2008 that Marco wrote and directed his first official short film “Prickly Pear” (original title “Ficurinie”).

“Prickly Pear” was officially selected in 2009 in different International Film Festivals and is also two Awards winner.

Marco has been living in New York since March 2009 where he is now working freelance as filmmaker and camera operator.

He is also currently in Pre-Production of his second short film “Nando” which is scheduled to shoot in Spring of 2011 in Rome.

His education includes a Bachelors Degree in Science and Communication Technologies as well as a Masters Degree in Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production from IULM University of Milan.

Marco has also attended workshops in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.


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