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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
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Red card to poverty
Carlo Ghioni (Canada / Kenya, 2012)
    "Red card to poverty", Carlo Ghioni (CANADA / KENYA, 2012)  
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Title [titolo]:   Red card to poverty
Director [regia]: Carlo Ghioni
Country of production [Paese di produzione]: Canada / Kenya
Year of completion [anno]: 2012
Original language [lingua originale]: english
Original format [formato originale]: HD
Running time [durata]: 13'01"
Story [soggetto]: Carlo Ghioni
Sceneggiatura [screenplay]: Carlo Ghioni
Photography [fotografia]: Carlo Ghioni
Sound [suono]: Sebastian Croteau
Original soundtrack [musica originale]: Francois Jolin
Editing [montaggio]: Carlo Ghioni
Cast [interpreti]: children of MYSA

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This is the story of MYFA in Mathane, Kenya: a soccer school established by the retired Canadian diplomat B. Munro in the shantytowns of Nairobi, whose successes – human and sport – have been recognized.
MYFA organization survives on small donations from foreign companies and agencies, but its success depends above all on the amazing energy of the young, self-educated social activists who began playing football and now run MYSA.
On the back of this network, MYSA now runs lending services for football boots and books, as well as clinics and health centers across Nairobi.
It has also created a professional team – Mathare United – in which all players are contractually obliged to do significant social work.
This team has proved good enough to win the Kenyan Championship.
It might be no bad thing if the organization of youth sport in western countries were more directly controlled by the young and more systematically tied to social activism, community service and a commitment to personal and educational development.
Beyond the glitz and the gigantism of the sport industry, the lessons from MYSA make a small but important contribution to the much bigger policy debate that the idea of the Big Society poses.
  Carlo Ghioni (Montreal, CANADA)
Carlo Ghioni
Carlo Ghioni
"Red card to poverty", Carlo Ghioni (CANADA / KENYA, 2012)

«Originally from Italy, I left my homeland for Canada in hopes of furthering my professional aspirations. I currently am Canadian citizen. Merging my technical and creative backgrounds, I look forward to producing work in both Canada and Europe.
Familiar with the cultures of both North America and Europe, my artistic perspective occupies the gap between them. I bring to my filmmaking considerable life experience. I grew up close to the streets and am intimately familiar with the complex and dark realities of urban living in a multi-racial/ethnic/cultural society.
Furthermore, I am presently living the “reality” of a New Canadian, experiencing on a daily basis the hope and disappointment shared by people caught between worlds. These life experiences have developed within me a compassionate interest in and understanding of the human condition, and this informs both my work and my attitude to living».


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