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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
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Carmen Lloret (Spain, 2011)
    "SINSIS", Carmen Lloret (SPAIN, 2011)  
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Title [titolo]:   SINSIS
Director [regia]: Carmen Lloret
Country of production [Paese di produzione]: Spain
Year of completion [anno]: 2011
Original format [formato originale]: Mini DV
Running time [durata]: 2'23"
Sound [suono]: Carmen Lloret
  Mercedes Peris
  Rosa Peris
Original soundtrack [musica originale]: Oscar G. Villegas
Editing [montaggio]: Carmen Lloret

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They strive for having the place of the other.

Pugnan por ocupar el lugar del otro.

Ils s'efforcent d'avoir eu la place de l'autre.

Lottano per prendere il posto dell'altro.

Lutam para tomar o luga del otro.

  Carmen Lloret (Alicante, SPAIN, 1952)
Carmen Lloret
Carmen Lloret
"SINSIS", Carmen Lloret (SPAIN, 2011)

Carmen Lloret was born in Alicante, Spain.
She is a multidisciplinary artist and animated film creator. Her fundamental aim is the theoretical research and the plastic expression of movement. He has done 130 individual and collective exhibitions at Chile, England, Switzerland, Mexico and Taiwan. It excels the light-kinetics installations: I drank from Hipocrene; I drank from Hipocrene: at the other side of the mirrors; and Flooded by Mediterranean. She has got 34 prizes about Plastic Arts and her work form part of numerous public and private collections.
She is University Professor with Chair in Movement and Animation (1998) in the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). She is Fine Arts Professor (UPV, 1985). She is 34 years experienced in this subject. In 1995 She promoted the animation studies in her University, and she has been teaching it till nowadays. She is the principal of Plastic Arts Expression, Animation and Light-Kinetics research group.(UPV), and coordinates the UPV’s Doctorate Program: Expressive, formal and space-temporal Animation’s Components, developed in this University and in the Leira Polytechnical Institute (IPL), Portugal. She has directed, as main researcher, several Research Projects supported by public foundations.
She has taught Animation in several Masters at national and international universities. She has participated in congress and meetings about Animation in La Habana (Cuba), Bratislava (Slovakia), Annecy (France), Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) and Mexico DF (México).
She has been jury in several Animated Film Festivals at Cuba, Portugal and Spain.
She has directed 13 Doctoral Thesis about animation, numerous Research Works and Master Final Projects.


1999 – Querido Planeta... (4’5’’, film director and producer)
2006 – Es nuestro paisaje (51’’, film director and producer)
2004 – La aventura de la Primera Etapa (film director and producer)
2006 – Niña morena (5’14’’, film director and producer)
2011 – Sinsis (2’24’’, film director and producer)
2001 – Hold your fire
2001 – Ángel y Demonio (producer)
2005 – Romeo y Julieta (by Mª Carmen Poveda, producer)
2006 – Ukiyo (by Sergio Melero, 2’22’’, producer)
2007 – Corre, caballito (by Rosa Peris and Mercedes Peris, 4’, producer)
2009 – Agenda 2010 (by Marina Álvarez, 2’09’’, producer)
2011 – Libidinis (by Rosa Peris and Mercedes Peris, 4’18’’, producer)


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