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la locandina del 5° Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 2012
Acquedolci Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
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Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins (Germany, 2011)
    "Zing", Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins (GERMANY, 2011)  
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Titolo [title]:   Zing
Regia [director]: Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Paese di produzione [Country of production]: Germany
Anno [year of completion]: 2011
Formato originale [original format]: 3D computer animation
Durata [running time]: 7'38"
Soggetto [story]: Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Sceneggiatura [screenplay]: Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Fotografia [photography]: Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Suono [sound]: Nami Strack
Musica originale [original soundtrack]: Maryna Aksenov
Montaggio [editing]: Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Interpreti [cast]: Katharina Dietschmann
  Anselm Roser

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Day in, day out, Mr. Grimm is busy with his job as the Reaper, harvesting people's lives. One day, his monotonous existence is interrupted by the door bell. It's a little girl. She wants her cat back. Little does she know that she's the next life on Mr. Grimm's list.

Als Sensenmann ist Mr. Grimm den ganzen Tag damit beschäftigt den Menschen das Leben zu nehmen. Doch eines Tages klingelt es an seiner Tür und ein kleines Mädchen steht vor ihm. Sie sucht ihre Katze, doch was sie nicht weiß, sie ist eigentlich sein nächstes Opfer...

  Kyra Buschor (Uster, SWITZERLAND, 1987)
Cynthia Collins (Crailsheim, GERMANY, 1987)
Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins
"Zing", Kyra Buschor / Cynthia Collins (GERMANY, 2011)

Kyra Buschor was born in 1987 in Swizzerland. She grew up in Weinfelden and went to the "Liceo Artistico", an artistic high-scool in Zurich. After graduation, she worked for two years in Stuttgart for Digital Frame Studio as an intern. Since summer 2009 she studies animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Cynthia Collins was born in 1987 in Crailsheim. There she growed up. Since she was little she was very interested for film and arts. She was especially inspired by animated films. Thus, she knew that she wanted to study at the Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg. So after graduation, she completed two internships in film/media and animation, including in Stuttgart in “Film Bilder”. Since fall 2009, she is studying animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg.


Kyra Buschor

2011 – Zing
2010 – Die Kiste (The box)

Cynthia Collins

2011 – Zing
2011 – (Ein-) Sicht aus Kinderaugen


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